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Product updates | May 2023

Maria Yatsenko
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We’re closing May with great progress and exciting new developments at Ramp.

Last edited on
June 5, 2023

While we pave the way for some big incoming updates on the payments side, this month we made sure that Ramp users got an even wider selection of cryptoassets.

The latest updates include:

  • achievement unlocked: stablecoin support leadership
  • integration of Polygon ZkEVM,
  • data export in the Partner Portal.

Ramp achieves leadership in stablecoin support

We now support seven new stablecoins (totaling 30+ tokens running on 20 blockchains), which gives Ramp users the broadest stablecoin selection among major on- and off-ramp providers.

Newly added stablecoins include USDC on Arbitrum, USDC on Fantom, USDC on Optimism, USDT on Arbitrum, USDT on Avalanche, USDT on Optimism, and USDT on Polygon.


Ramp integrates with Polygon zkEVM

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Polygon zkEVM, yet another step towards making Web3 accessible for all.

We’ve enabled transactions on Polygon zkEVM to users in 150+ countries, giving the network truly global coverage.

Polygon zkEVM offers Ethereum developers the ability to seamlessly deploy their Ethereum smart contracts on a secure and high-performing layer 2 while retaining the inherent security of Ethereum with fast finality and low costs.

This integration opens up doors and opportunities for developers and users alike.

Exporting integration data via Partner Portal

We understand the importance of providing our partners with friendly and comprehensive insights and efficient data management tools.

A key feature to smoothen out this experience even further is the new ability to export data, allowing partners to access all their performance metrics locally - with just one click.

The export feature allows partners to retrieve the data they need in less than two seconds, saving time and simplifying the analysis process.

What's next

Looking ahead, we remain laser-focused on increasing our coverage by offering more cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and local payment methods.


And that’s it for May! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news. See you next month!

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