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Product updates | March 2023

Maria Yatsenko
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Despite the unpredictable early spring weather in the northern hemisphere, our product ship continues to sail steadily forward across the month of March, with big partnerships, new products, and improved user experience.

Last edited on
March 31, 2023

Here’s what the ideas of March have brought us:

  • The Partner Portal: our brand new integration analytics platform for Ramp partners;
  • Improved review and refund process: better customer experience for transactions that require extra checks or refunds;
  • Amazing integrations of on-ramp by Gamiumcorp, Lif3, and of off-ramp by Brave, and Ledger.

Let's dive into the details!

Partner Portal is now available to all Ramp partners

We’ve launched the Partner Portal, an integration analytics platform designed to provide partners with in-depth insights to drive the growth of their products and manage their integrations.

The platform will help partners:

  • track and optimize the commercial performance of their integration by providing information on volume growth, revenue, and transactions in real time.
  • better understand their users, identify growth opportunities, and validate hypotheses on feature needs by using data provided in the Partner Portal.

We will continue to include more data in the platform to offer comprehensive analytics and more insight into the user journey, with more tools to manage the integration and drive user acquisition in the future.

The integration package already includes free access and unlimited seats to the Partner Portal. Current partners have already been invited by email and can start using the Partner Portal right away.

👉 If you did not receive the invitation, you can request access via this form →

👉 You can also apply for the Ramp integration here->


We improved the refund and transaction review process

At Ramp, we always aim to provide secure, compliant, and reliable services that are easy to use and stress-free. No excuses!

Our team has optimized numerous internal operations to achieve the goal of bringing users to crypto and fiat faster than ever before.

Specifically, we have made the following improvements:

  • While we sometimes need to manually review user accounts to ensure the safety and security of our global community, we’ve ensured that funds are not held during the review process.
  • We have enhanced communication touchpoints with customers, including email notifications about refunds and an improved customer support chatbot experience.
  • We’ve automated several steps in the customer review process, making account checks and appeals more effective and efficient.

Positive customer feedback is just one of many indicators of the success of these recent changes. We commit to continue optimizing the user journey further.

What’s next

In the meantime, here’s what we’re also focusing on for the next month:

  • More off-ramp and on-ramp integrations
  • Multiple improvements to customer experience
  • Increasing coverage by offering more crypto, fiat currencies, and local payment methods

And that’s it for March! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news.

See you next month!

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