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Product Updates | August 2023

We're thrilled to announce our integration with Base, the much-awaited Coinbase-backed Layer 2 blockchain. Developed by Coinbase and fueled by Optimism's rollup tech, Base offers rapid, cost-effective transactions.


Zengo customers can now sell crypto via Ramp integration

Customers of the popular security-first MPC wallet have a seamless path from crypto back to fiat from 130+ countries and territories.


Ramp opens a direct path from fiat into the Base network

We now offer support for the highly anticipated Coinbase-backed L2 blockchain, starting with ETH and USDC.


Product Updates | July 2023

July's exciting conclusion: more crypto assets, unlocking new markets, and improving user experience.


Olá, Brasil! Ramp expands into the largest economy in Latin America

By setting up shop in Brazil, we’re taking yet another step towards making seamless crypto onboarding globally accessible and locally connected.


Ramp partners with Worldcoin to offer seamless on-ramp for WLD

We’re the first global crypto on-ramp provider to offer direct purchase of Worldcoin (WLD) directly via the World app.


Is crypto dead? The state of crypto today

You may have heard that crypto is dying (or that Bitcoin is dead) before. In this post, we’ll look at the state of crypto to try and answer the question: is crypto dead now?


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