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Product updates | April 2023

Maria Yatsenko
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April has turned out to be a bustling month of activity for major product developments that we’ll be announcing very soon.

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April 28, 2023

While we add the finishing touches to these updates, let's take a moment to discuss:

  • the exciting product integrations and partnerships we formed this month;
  • launch results and plans for the Partner Portal;
  • off-ramp contribution to the adoption of crypto.

Ramp is the first on-ramp to support zkSync Era

Ramp has become the first platform to allow direct purchases into the zkSync Era network, the first "zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine" (zkEVM).

This is a significant move. It enables users to directly purchase cryptocurrencies on the zkSync Era network (and take advantage of its low gas fees and faster transaction times) without going through bridges.

The integration is an exciting development for the broader cryptocurrency community, as zero-knowledge proofs have been in development for years - but only recently were made EVM-compatibility.

Ramp's integration is set to simplify access to the technology and increase the adoption of layer two scaling solutions.


Expanded insights and improvements to the Partner Portal user experience

After welcoming our partners on board our new integration analytics platform, the Partner Portal, we're already hard at work on enhancing the level of insights they can glean from it.

Some exciting updates to look out for include off-ramp data, local currency breakdowns (oops, spoiler alert!), and more CSV file workability options. We will also optimize the onboarding process for new partners by enabling self-onboarding through the Partner Portal.

If you have an active integration but have not received an invitation to the Partner Portal, please let us know via this form.

Ramp off-ramp contributes to the mainstream adoption of crypto.

In the wake of Trust Wallet’s off-ramp launch to its 60M+ users, we’re also reflecting on how much off-ramp is helping the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Integrating both on-ramps and off-ramps into an application has huge benefits for businesses.

A two-way, seamless bridge provides a smoother experience for consumers, gives early movers a competitive advantage, and avoids any reasons for users to leave the app.

Other leading projects that have already integrated Ramp's off-ramp include Valora, Ledger, and Brave.

Apply to integrate off-ramp →

What’s next

For the future, we’re also focusing on increasing coverage by offering more crypto, fiat currencies, and local payment methods.

And that’s it for April! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news.

See you next month!

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