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Product Updates | July 2023

Nick Marchenko
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July’s conclusion brings some exciting news as we continue working towards increasing the number of supported crypto assets, unlocking new markets, and improving our users' experience.

Last edited on
August 4, 2023

The latest updates include:

  • We’re setting up shop in Brazil
  • First seamless on-ramp for Worldcoin (WLD)
  • Enhancements to our widget’s UX

Ramp in Brazil: just the beginning

We're excited to share that we’ve officially set up a local entity in Brazil, taking a significant step towards making seamless crypto onboarding globally accessible and locally connected.

With support for card payments and local currencies like the Brazilian Real enabled last month, we're enhancing crypto accessibility for users and opening doors for local web3 projects and global businesses.

Brazil is a global leader when it comes to crypto adoption, with over 16 million users and a government committed to fostering innovation in the industry. That makes it a natural entry point to the Latin American market, which accounted for 9.1% of all crypto value received globally in 2022, reaching $562 billion between July 2021 and June 2022 - a 40% growth in this period.

Our focus remains on delivering value to users across Latin America, and we're thrilled to offer our current and future partners, improved access to this dynamic market.


Ramp + Worldcoin: first on-ramp for WLD

We’re the first global crypto on-ramp provider to offer direct Worldcoin (WLD) purchases to users worldwide (except for the US).

Worldcoin's mission to build an inclusive, global identity and financial network aligns perfectly with our vision. Their revolutionary World ID system, backed by iris scans, ensures a unique identity for each individual, empowering humans to lead in the new financial system.

As part of our commitment to efficiency and accessibility, we initially offer on-ramp services for WLD on the Optimism (OP) network, with plans to expand to Ethereum and extend off-ramp services later this year.


UX improvements

We know that user experience is king, so we’re continuously working on improving. Here’s what we did this month:

  • Automated currency selection: we've made it even more effortless for our users by implementing a change where the currency selection from the partner's app is now automatically passed to our widget. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually selecting your local currency!
  • Refreshed compliance screens: we've improved the consistency of our verification-related screens, elevating the user experience.

What's next

At Ramp, we're committed to broadening our offerings with more cryptocurrencies and payment methods, accompanied by user-friendly UX enhancements. Keep an eye on Latin America, as exciting new payment methods are just around the corner. 🚀💱 Stay tuned for more updates! And that concludes our July edition. See you next month, and happy crypto adventures!

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