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Product updates | December 2022

Maria Yatsenko
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HO, HO, HODL everyone! The Cryptmas spirit is taking over, and Santa Cloud is rushing to upload your p̶r̶e̶s̶e̶n̶t̶s product updates before December is over.

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December 23, 2022

Our wish list for this holiday season definitely included the off-ramp launch.

Our BUIDLing little (d)elves (see what we did here? ;) ) have worked tirelessly to offer the fastest off-ramp in the US. And now that it’s out there, we’re already preparing for the global launch at the beginning of 2023.

Finally, we’ve also improved the on-ramp experience by reducing friction at various stages of the user journey.

Here is a quick round-up of what we achieved in December:

  • Off-ramp went live in the US, and we are getting ready for the global launch in early 2023
  • Ramp is now available in the state of Connecticut, increasing our coverage in the US
  • We’re now giving users more information about their refunded transactions
  • We’ve removed a wallet address step for native integrations
  • Key integrations this month are Bithotel, Cylimit, Freeverse.
  • Plus, our content gremlin has prepared a tiny Christmas gift for you to help shake off the bear, and close the year in high spirits.

Off-ramp is live in the US

One of the biggest news of the month (if not the year ;) ) is undoubtedly the off-ramp launch.

We’re offering the fastest and cheapest way of converting 37 cryptoassets into US Dollars in 36 states and territories in the United States.

It takes as little as 20 seconds to receive funds after the cryptoasset is received by Ramp for Real-Time Payments-enabled bank accounts. And it costs only 0.99% (with a $3.99 minimum).

We’re particularly proud to offer a seamless native integration, which means transactions are created and handled by the integrator’s native wallet without breaking the experience.

And we’re not stopping here. Global coverage is already scheduled for early 2023, and we’ll make sure it’s as momentous as it’s been so far.

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Ramp is now available in Connecticut

The good news for Connecticut residents - it’s now easy (and uncut) to connect to Web3 with Ramp, as we’re now offering both on and off-ramp services in the state.

This means our total coverage in the US includes 35 states plus the District of Columbia - and we’ve big plans to expand it in 2023, so stay tuned!

More feedback on refunded transactions

Our ultimate dream is to achieve zero refunded transactions.

But since we’re pragmatic (and realistic) little elves, we want to at least make sure that our users are well-informed about their refunded transactions.

They can now track the time and amount of the refund, the reasons behind it, and the expected time of arrival of the refunded money.

Refunded transaction email

Wallet address screen removed for native integrations

No need for the user to choose a wallet twice.

We have removed the wallet screen for apps that pre-fill wallet addresses. Less is more, in this case:

Less steps → quicker access to crypto → happier user!

A Cryptmas Carol

HO, HO, HODL, here’s a treat for all of you, straight from Santa’s Nice list!

A Cryptmas Carol hero banner

To celebrate the season in high spirits, our resident content gremlin put together A Cryptmas Carol - a parody of Dickens’ classic.

In this short crypto story, a bitter Natoshi Sakamoto embarks on a journey with three ghosts to be reminded of the real value of bitcoin.

We hope you enjoy the read!

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What’s next

And that’s all for the year! With 2022 almost over, here’s what we’re focusing on for the first month of 2023:

  • Off-ramp global launch;
  • New payment methods;
  • Multiple small tune-ups for on-ramp.

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