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Product Updates | November 2023

Nick Marchenko
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In November, we focused on cultivating fresh partnerships, broadening our fiat currency options, introducing alternative login options, and continuing to refine the user experience within our widget. 

Last edited on
December 1, 2023

Highlights of this month:

  • USD payment support in the UK and Germany
  • First and only off-ramp for Worldcoin
  • Streamlined access via Google account sign-in
  • Enhanced user experience 

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Purchases via USD are available in the UK & Germany

In tune with the diverse needs of users worldwide, we've further enhanced our offerings. Previously, we introduced USD payment options in Ukraine and Colombia. Now, we're extending this flexibility to the UK and Germany, enabling users in these countries to transact in USD alongside their local currencies.

This update empowers users, whether they are travelers, expats, or engaged in international transactions, to select USD for credit and debit card transactions. More than just additional options, this enhancement brings the flexibility to choose the most suitable currency for their needs in these regions.

Worldcoin cash-out is now possible with Ramp

Ramp has been chosen as the first and only global off-ramp provider for Worldcoin (WLD), highlighting our platform’s distinctive capabilities in facilitating WLD-to-fiat conversions for users across various regions.

Our off-ramp service stands out for its speed, security, and truly global reach. Users in supported regions can now smoothly convert their WLD to fiat via debit and credit cards, with more payout options on the horizon. This capability not only enables swift financial transactions for the 4.1 million World App users of the World App but also reinforces Ramp's commitment to building an accessible, user-centered digital economy.

Following our initial on-ramp service for WLD, we're now completing the loop with two-way conversions, marking a significant advancement in our partnership with Worldcoin.

Effortless sign-in with Google Social Login

We're thrilled to unveil our latest user experience enhancement: secure & straightforward Google Social Login. This new feature streamlines users’ entry into the crypto world by making the sign-in process 67% faster.

With just a click, users can now swiftly access Ramp through our widget and partner apps using their Google accounts, enhancing their journey with simplicity and security.

Additional UX improvements

Our quest for an outstanding user experience continues with further improvements to our widget:

  • Streamlined checkout flow for returning users
  • Changed how we display fees for more precise cost information
  • Highlighted popular assets and sorted them alphabetically for quick, easy selection

What’s next 

As we step into December, our focus intensifies on expanding our presence globally with additional USD and EUR support in more countries, rolling out new social login options for effortless access, and broadening our cryptoasset offerings. Our dedication to enhancing experiences for all users — new and returning — remains steadfast. And that’s a wrap for November. Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

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Nick Marchenko

Product Marketing Manager


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