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Product Updates | October 2023

Nick Marchenko
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We spent October dead set on establishing new partnerships, expanding available fiat currency options, and enhancing the user experience on our widget.

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November 3, 2023

Happy Halloween! The spooky season hasn’t slowed us down, and we continue to refine and improve our offerings.

Here’s the gist of what we achieved this month:

  • Forging a strategic partnership with Linea
  • Introducing USD support for our users in Ukraine and Colombia
  • Modernizing card checkout form
  • User experience improvements

Dive in to find out more!

Ramp + Linea: seamless on-ramp for ETH & USDC

We proudly unveil our latest partnership with Linea, the Consensys-built developer-focused zkEVM rollup poised to supercharge Ethereum DApps. 

Merging Linea’s cutting-edge blockchain capabilities with Ramp's expansive global payments framework, we're opening direct ETH and USDC purchases on the Linea Network for users in 150+ countries via the Ramp widget and our partners’ applications. 

The combination of Linea’s innovative prover design and Ramp’s industry-leading on-ramp ensures simplified, direct access to a high-performance, secure, and fast network, to more users across the globe, using familiar payment methods such as cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Pix. 

The partnership marks the beginning of a promising journey towards redefining what’s possible in the Web3 sector, and both we and Linea Network are poised to lead this change together.

Purchases via USD are available in Ukraine & Colombia

In our drive to lead as a global on-ramp provider, this summer saw the addition of 40 fresh fiat currencies to our offering. Undeterred in our mission, we aim to offer the most extensive array of payment methods and fiat currencies for crypto enthusiasts around the world. 

This October, we're thrilled to announce that our friends in Ukraine and Colombia can now make debit & credit card purchases using USD. 

Animated GIF showing the selection of USD as currency and Ukraine as country in Ramp's widget

Stay tuned, as our journey to integrate more fiat currencies globally is on full throttle. Your world, your currency. We're making it happen!

Modernized card form for checkout

This month, we’ve revamped the card checkout process. This modernized card form is not just a visual upgrade; it's a significant leap in functionality. As users input their card number, the form intuitively recognizes the card type, be it Visa, MasterCard, or others, providing immediate feedback on compatibility. 

This innovative feature preemptively identifies and informs users about unsupported cards, ensuring clarity and avoiding any potential disappointments. 

This smart validation step significantly enhances user experience, creating a seamless and transparent transaction process, setting a new standard in how we interact with payment methods in the crypto space.

Other UX improvements

As always, we’re aiming for the best user experience. Here are a few more improvements we made this month:

  • Simplified wallet ownership questionnaire: we've trimmed the process, ensuring a faster and clearer experience. The questionnaire was introduced in August to ensure compliance with the UK Travel Rule.
  • Revamped cryptoasset selector: our widget now has clearer asset and network labeling. Users can now be extra sure they’re selecting the right asset.
  • Uninterrupted experience: we've improved the crypto purchasing experience for both new and our most loyal users, reducing interruptions and delays throughout the process.

What’s next 

As we steer into November, we’re keeping our focus on forging new partnerships, broadening our cryptoassets offering, and further improving UX. We also have alternative login options on the horizon, to make it ever easier for users to get into Web3 without hassle. 

And that’s a wrap for October. Stay tuned, as the journey is about to get even more exciting.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

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Nick Marchenko

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