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Product Updates | 2023 in Review

Nick Marchenko
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As 2023 draws to a close, we're excited to present our final product update of the year, a comprehensive overview of Ramp's product achievements and advancements for our valued users.

Last edited on
December 22, 2023

Reflecting on Ramp’s product updates in 2023

This year was monumental for our product development, marked by pioneering the first truly global off-ramp service, making breakthrough advancements in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, and expanding our crypto offerings with new tokens and chains. Our partnerships also deepened, underscored by the launch of the Ramp Partner Portal.

We're excited for 2024, promising more innovative updates, expansions, and partnerships. Join us as we shape a more accessible and integrated digital finance future.

Let’s recap the year.

Leading the way: setting the global off-ramp standard

2023 marks a milestone year for Ramp, as we launched the industry's first and only truly global off-ramp service. Covering over 130 countries with support for 38+ cryptocurrencies, USD, EUR, and GBP, our off-ramp became a game-changer for seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions.

We're proud to be the sole provider offering instant bank payouts in the US and unmatched worldwide instant off-ramp services. Our commitment to providing the best UX ensures every user enjoys a swift and intuitive experience.

We've built a trusted and reliable foundation, distinguishing us as the preferred choice for major partners, such as Trust Wallet, Zengo, Valora, and Loopring. Our exceptional off-ramp service also gained recognition from Worldcoin, who chose us as their first off-ramp provider for debit and credit cards. This partnership enabled the 5 million users of the World App to cash out their Worldcoin (WLD) effortlessly into fiat. Our collaboration with Worldcoin underlines our capability to provide secure, speedy, and globally accessible financial services, further solidifying our position as a leader in the off-ramp market.

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Ramp's Latin American expansion, starting from Brazil

In 2023, Ramp's decisive entry into Brazil marked the beginning of our expansion in Latin America:

Looking Ahead: Our vision for Latin America is vibrant with upcoming initiatives. We're exploring new payment methods to enhance user experiences across the region. In Brazil, we're working on some exciting developments that will transform the onboarding process into something even more effortless and smooth.

Expanding access to diverse ecosystems

In 2023, we took significant strides in simplifying Web3 access by expanding our crypto offerings and ensuring the most popular and sought-after cryptoassets were readily available on Ramp.

This year, we added support for 34+ new tokens across 15+ blockchains, including Base, Linea, Casper, and many more. These additions enrich the user experience, offering a wider variety of assets effortlessly,  and ensures that users can access a trusted crypto buying and selling option directly within our partners' applications. 

Ramp's 2023 expansion symbolizes our commitment to user-friendly crypto access and robust partner support, paving the way for a more interconnected and accessible digital financial world.

2023: A year of valued partnerships at Ramp

2023 has been a pivotal year for Ramp, marked by the strengthening of our partnerships across various sectors. From crypto wallets to Web3 games and exchanges to DeFi applications, our collaborations have been key to mutual growth and market expansion. Notably, we’ve collaborated with industry leaders like MetaMask, BitPay, Worldcoin, and many more.

This year, we launched the Ramp Partner Portal, offering partners valuable analytics and insights for optimizing their strategies. Additionally, we've adapted to regulatory changes in the UK, complying with the UK’s Travel Rule and Finprom regulations and ensuring continuity and reliability within the market.

2023 has been about more than expanding services; it's also been about deepening partnerships and ensuring that we remain a trusted, compliant, and forward-thinking player in the Web3 world.

As we bring 2023 to a close, it's clear that it has been a year filled with innovation, growth, and significant progress in our product journey.

With the holiday season upon us, we'd like to extend our warmest wishes to you from everyone at Ramp! Thank you for being a part of our journey this year. 

See you next year for another exciting chapter in Ramp's story!

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