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Expanding global reach: Ramp introduces 40 new fiat currencies

Maria Yatsenko
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We’re thrilled to introduce support for crypto purchases in 40 new fiat currencies.

Last edited on
June 21, 2023

Starting now, our users in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and many more can seamlessly buy crypto using Mastercard or Visa cards (and for some currencies, also Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Together with the recent introduction of our off-ramp (available in 132 countries), this latest update cements our status as a truly global service.


Increased user conversion and engagement

Support for these new national currencies should boost our market-leading conversion rates even further.

We estimate that the impact of these new additions on user conversion will be substantial, increasing them by up to 10 percentage points - as users experience enhanced convenience, predictability, and transparency.

“Ramp is always looking to offer the best experience to users. We’re excited that we can now eliminate the uncertainty of foreign exchange fees for users. Users can utilize their debit or credit card issued in currencies other than USD, EUR, or GBP without worrying about significant surcharges in foreign exchange fees by their banks. This might not only save their money but also provide peace of mind when making international transactions."
Ker Farn Lee, Senior Product Manager at Ramp’s payments division.

Tailor-made experiences with local payment methods

Additionally, transactions with local payment methods are processed in local currencies by default, enabling us to cater to specific regions and provide a more tailored experience.

The introduction of local currencies is a step toward offering more local payment methods, like PIX in Brazil - forging an even deeper local presence in the key markets.

For a comprehensive list of available currencies, please visit this page.

We’re confident that this change will boost the Ramp experience for you and your users. Let’s work together to bring these benefits to everyone!

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Maria Yatsenko

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