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Ramp introduces off-ramp to Worldcoin’s largest wallet, World App

Laurence Stoican
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We're excited to share that we are the first global crypto off-ramp provider to offer direct Worldcoin (WLD) sales to users worldwide (excluding the U.S.).

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Our users now have the ability to sell Worldcoin tokens (WLD) directly on World App, the first Worldcoin wallet built and operated by project contributor Tools for Humanity. This exciting development is a significant step forward in our continuous efforts to bring the most innovative and impactful projects to our off-ramp.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a project co-founded by Alex Blania and Sam Altman, who is also CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Its mission is to enable universal access to the global economy by building the world’s largest identity and financial network and giving ownership of it to everyone.

Central to this mission is World ID, a digital passport designed to let anyone prove they’re unique and human on the internet while keeping their identity private. Each World ID can be fully verified via the orb, a custom device that privately and securely verifies humanness and uniqueness using an iris code.

Once a person’s World ID is verified, they can use it to take actions, including claiming their free share of WLD and proving they are a unique human in a growing number of integrated applications like Discord, Shopify, Telegram, and Reddit.

Human-first approach

Worldcoin aims to put real humans at the center of the global economy. This is becoming increasingly important with the rapid advancement of AI and the emergence of increasingly convincing video and audio deepfakes online.

We’re extremely delighted to be a piece of the puzzle in Worldcoin’s plans, and by offering direct WLD token off-ramps to users within TFH’s World App, we allow real humans to easily and reliably extract value from the ecosystem Worldcoin has created. We’re looking forward to seeing how Worldcoin continues to develop, reshaping the digital landscape, one World ID at a time.

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Laurence Stoican

Digital Marketing Manager at Ramp. Having worked in crypto since 2018, Laurence has acquired a wealth of information from all corners of the industry, from Bitcoin ATMs to the minute details of Smart Contracts.


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