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The new off-ramp: all you need to know

Maria Yatsenko
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You can now cash out from crypto easily and frictionlessly on our website or from inside our integrating partners’ apps. Here’s all you need to know about the new off-ramp.

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December 14, 2022

Say you’re a play-to-earn gamer, an NFT creator, a DeFi degen, or maybe just crypto-curious and excited about this new tech. Maybe you joined Web3 directly from the game, marketplace, exchange, or wallet of your choice using its Ramp integration.

If that’s the case, you went from a local fiat currency to the cryptoasset you needed without unnecessary transactions, extra gas fees, or jumping through any technical hoops.

Now you want to cash out. As we explained before, this is where an off-ramp is necessary, and the process should be just as easy as the on-ramp.

Compared to traditional off-ramping, no more distractions or jumping through hoops to cash out

That’s why we’re excited to expand our services with off-ramp, a way to turn the most popular crypto assets into local fiat currency in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the crypto asset you would like to exchange for fiat.
  2. Register an email with Ramp if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Add a fiat payout account.
  4. Send crypto from your wallet to Ramp.
  5. Receive fiat from Ramp directly to your payout account.

That’s it! And if you’re a Web3 developer, this entire process can happen within your dapp. Besides that, there are many other advantages to using off-ramp:

  • Coverage is now available in 35 states and territories in the US and will soon be global.
  • It only takes 20 seconds to cash out to US RTP accounts after the crypto asset is received by Ramp (plus, we’re working to add payout-to-cards really soon!).
  • Transactions cost 0.99% of the total amount with a $3.99 minimum.
  • The list of supported crypto assets is expanding and currently includes 37 assets.
  • Regular Ramp users don’t need to repeat the KYC process!

If your development team is looking to make it easier for users to jump in and out of web3 without leaving your dApp, we’ll make sure you get off-ramp integrated in the way that best suits your needs.

Off-ramping made simple

Depending on if your product has a built-in native wallet or not, you have the following integration options:

  • Manual flow: users should open a 3rd party wallet themselves and manually copy and paste the necessary information to send crypto when cashing out.
  • Native flow: the transaction is created and handled by your app’s native wallet, with pre-filled data (wallet address, amount, asset type) sent directly from Ramp, without breaking the experience.

Both flows have different types and modes of implementation, like overlay, embedded, and hosted.

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