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Best Blockchain Games to Play and Earn | Complete List 2022

Thiago Earp
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Looking to find and play the best blockchain games in 2022? This ultimate guide to the best blockchain games has you covered!

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July 4, 2022

Despite the inevitable ups and downs of the crypto markets, one thing is clear: play-to-earn blockchain games continue to grow in popularity. And not only because of the increasing quality of games being built, but of course the ability to earn while playing.

If you’re a lifelong gamer new to blockchain games, or just starting on your gaming journey, it can be challenging to know where to start. What are the best RPGs? What are the best action games? Which games give you the best opportunity to earn while playing?

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best blockchain games and what makes them so special.

What are blockchain games?  

If you grew up playing games on platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo, the term “blockchain games'' might not be something you’re familiar with. The good news is, blockchain games aren’t as scary or as complex as they may sound.

Put simply, blockchain games are any games that incorporate a blockchain (or similar technology) in their game mechanics. What is a blockchain, you might ask? A blockchain is a digitally distributed, decentralized public ledger that serves as a registry of transactions. You can think of it as a shared database where transactions are public, verifiable, and censorship-resistant.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Solana, are some of the most well-known blockchains in existence today, but many more are being developed as we speak. Blockchain games have the benefit of being able to incorporate cryptocurrency into their gameplay, which in turn allows players the ability to earn actual value while playing their favorite games.

Blockchain games typically share several (or all) of the following characteristics:

  • Ability to play to earn;
  • Cryptocurrency is used within the game;
  • In-game items may hold value based on the game’s economics;
  • Uses NFTs as a core component of gameplay, offering users real ownership of in-game assets/profiles;
  • Accessible to a global audience;
  • Gameplay includes some level of smart contract interactions.

What to look out for in blockchain games

While it would be impossible to cover every single play-to-earn blockchain game out there today, we put together our list based on a variety of factors. Ultimately, we want to help you determine what makes the most sense for your gaming needs.

Here are some of the factors we considered:

Active development: Is the game in active development? Are there new features being shipped on a regular basis? Is the roadmap being actively addressed? Many blockchain games can put together an amazing trailer, but at the end of the day, active development is what’s going to help the game stand the test of time.

Fun factor: Is the game fun? Do users enjoy playing? Does the game offer anything new in terms of gameplay, strategy, and even lore?

Community: Web3 and blockchain games typically have incredibly engaged and active communities. Whether that’s through a Discord server or an active subreddit on Reddit. Blockchain games with strong communities make it easier for players to learn how to play and ultimately get the most from the game. Is the community known for being helpful in answering questions? Is the community diverse, welcoming, and accepting?

Ability to play-to-earn: While not every player is going to focus solely on the ability to earn, being able to earn while enjoying the game is an important part of blockchain games. Does the game provide multiple ways to earn? Are their passive ways to earn income, or do you have to always be playing?

Onboarding: Because blockchain games have a cryptocurrency component, easy onboarding is critical. From signing up for an account to playing the actual game, it should be super simple and easy to get started. Games such as Axie Infinity have excellent onboarding resources and offer a great experience for those new to blockchain games.

Tokenomics: The overall structure of the cryptocurrencies within the game is also incredibly important. Tokenomics that focus only on short-term profit leave players susceptible to losing funds virtually overnight. Quality blockchain games have tokenomics that allow the game to continue to grow while also encouraging new players to join.

Types of blockchain games

Because crypto gaming is relatively new, there may not be as many options to choose from compared to the Playstation or Xbox store. That said, there are thousands of passionate game developers working to build the new frontier of gaming.

List of existing blockchain games gathered from Google search

Right now there are blockchain games spanning a broad range of genres and themes, such as:

  • Fantasy sports: Trade, collect, buy and sell your favorite sports players and stars;
  • Battle games: There’s nothing like being able to earn crypto by beating your opponents in an exhilarating online battle;
  • Virtual world games (Metaverse): With the likes of Decentraland and Sandbox, leading the way gamers can explore virtual worlds, connect with friends, purchase digital real estate, collectibles and more. The Metaverse is more vast than you might think!
  • Racing games: Whether you’re looking to race digital horses for money or go head-to-head with friends in a traditional racing environment, getting up to speed is no problem
  • RPGs: If leveling up your characters and going on quests is your thing, there are already many RPG crypto games to choose from.

Of course, with the unique opportunities of building games on the blockchain, it’s all but certain new games and genres will be developed over time. Regardless of what your favorite genre of games is, there’s a good chance there’s a blockchain game you will enjoy.

Best blockchain games in 2022

Now that we’ve covered the basics and what to look for, let’s get into the best blockchain games of 2022:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Home Page screenshot
Image source

A virtual world filled with thousands of adorable collectible pets, Axie Infinity is arguably the current leader amongst blockchain titles. Known for its incredible art and animations (not to mention fun gameplay), Axie Infinity has, it has reached a high of 2.7 million daily active players, and it's still amongst the most played NFT games today.

In terms of gameplay, Axie is the place to go when you want to battle, collect, and trade. Similar to the global hit Pokemon, players are tasked with collecting and leveling up their Axies and then taking them to battle.

Did we mention the incredible opportunities to play to earn? The Axie ecosystem is thriving, with over 4.14 billion traded within their in-house marketplace.

With a recently released mobile version of the game, Axie Infinity is more accessible than ever and continues to introduce new features and improve gameplay. In addition to being able to collect pets, owning land allows you to farm resources and tokens further that help you become a true Axie Infinity master.

Launched in 2018, Axie Infinity is a true “OG” (or Original Gangster) within the blockchain games space, and their community and team are unrivalled. Easy to learn and difficult to master, it offers a little bit of everything for gamers looking for a good time.

Launched: March 2018

Blockchains used: Ethereum, Ronin

Website: Axie Infinity

Sorare Fantasy Football

Sorare card examples
Image source

If you’re an avid football (or soccer for our American readers) fan, then you’re going to love Sorare Fantasy Football.

Sorare allows you to buy, sell, and trade your favorite football players and compete against others in a fantasy sports like format. With over 245 clubs available within the game, the options are endless.

Players can use their knowledge of the game of football to craft the perfect team and create a winning strategy when facing off against the thousands of Sorare players around the world. Best of all, you can earn weekly prices based on how well your team performs, making sure there’s never a dull moment when building your squad.

Because the players are NFTs, you have the ability to trade and sell to your heart's content adding an exciting play-to-earn component to the world of fantasy sports.

Sorare is so fun that, even if football isn’t your thing, you may find yourself trading and collecting for hours on end. Did we mention many professional football players love playing the game as well? The collectable card is a can’t miss.

Launched: 2019

Blockchains used: Ethereum

Website: Sorare


Image source

Illuvium is an open-world metaverse-style game where players collect and auto-battle NFTs across seven expansive virtual worlds. With over 100 unique creatures to collect, strategy plays a prominent role in the overall game experience.

In addition to earning by winning battles, you can also bet on matches to increase your potential earnings. Illuvium uses the Immutable X side-chain, designed to keep transaction costs incredibly low.

If you like the sci-fi genre and love leveling up your characters, Illuvium shows incredible promise. While still in public beta, the team has prioritized gameplay on both PC and Mac, raising its global appeal.

As with many popular blockchain games on this list, all in-game assets are NFTS, meaning you have complete control and rights over the characters and collectibles you earn in-game.

If the early stages of the game mean anything, this game will continue to be incredibly popular for many years to come.

Launched: 2022

Blockchains used: Immutable X (Ethereum L2)

Website: Illuvium

The Sandbox

Image source

One of the most expansive metaverse ecosystems, The Sandbox is a nearly endless virtual world where you can own, build and monetize your gaming experience. Think Minecraft with the ability to earn.

The Sandbox uses the cryptocurrency SAND to power its gameplay, in which you customize your character and explore the universe to your heart's content. From owning land to playing dozens of fun mini-games, it's truly a choose-your-own-adventure game.

One of the best things about The Sandbox is its focus on incorporating partnerships with other prominent crypto projects and well-known brands. They have partnered with the likes of Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Atari, The Smurfs, and more. It's not an exaggeration to say you can get as creative as you want while playing.

The Sandbox is a perfect starting point for those new to the world of Web3 gaming as well as experienced gamers wanting to design the ultimate gaming experience.

Launched: May 15, 2012 (off-chain), November 29, 2021 (on the blockchain)

Blockchains used: Immutable X (Ethereum L2)

Website: The Sandbox

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained blockchain game home page

If card games are your thing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on Gods Unchained, “the trading card game that pays to play.” Completely free to get started, new players are given 70 individual cards, creating six-game-ready decks totalling over 140 cards total.

It is not just a fun card game in itself, Gods Unchained goes above and beyond with thoughtful and engaging lore for each of the cards, making it impossible not to choose favorites. Add to your card collection by winning battles, and buy and sell them on the active community market.

Gods Unchained is committed to helping gamers worldwide earn while playing. By purchasing GODS, the native cryptocurrency token that powers the game, players can craft new characters and purchase additional card packs.

The GODS token also allows players to participate in the overall governance of the game, making it perfect for those who want to shape the future of gaming.

Launched: March 2021,

Blockchains used: Immutable X (Ethereum L2)

Website: Gods Unchained

Galaxy Fight Club

A mix of Super Smash Brothers and Brawl Stars, Galaxy Fight Club is one of the first games to allow you to battle with your favorite NFT projects. The real-time battle PVP game has partnered with popular NFT communities such as DeadHeads, CryptoRaiders, Cyber Kongz, and BYoPills to take customization and gaming to the next level.

Players can earn GCOIN through winning matches which can be used to purchase new characters and accessories. In addition, Galaxy Fight Club is also designed to be played on IOS, Android, and PC, providing an incredible cross-platform experience.

Designed to be played with family and friends, 3v3 battles are the game's secret sauce. Work with your team to develop a winning strategy and continue your quest to be the best in the arena.

Best of all, naturally, the NFT characters and accessories you collect are yours to keep, trade, or sell. With more NFT partnerships globally, GFC is setting the standard for cross-character NFT gameplay.
Launched: 2022

Blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polygon

Website: Galaxy Fight Club

Crypto Raiders

Yet another excellent game for those who enjoy a fun RPG and pixelated art, Crypto Raiders is an NFT-based dungeon crawler on the Polygon blockchain.

One of the great things about Crypto Raiders is the ability to purchase an entry-level character for under $30, making it accessible to most budgets. Send your character on quests to make potions, battle your friends head-to-head, or take on the monsters in the endless dungeon; there’s no shortage of tasks to complete and levels to conquer.

Owning a raider also allows you to recruit new raiders to add to your collection for a nominal fee. The game has a very well-thought tokenomics structure and uses RAIDER and AURUM tokens to power its ecosystem.

The team is arguably one of the most active in the game development space and ships new features almost every week.

Did we mention the game’s incredible soundtrack? Within every level, you’ll get to enjoy music created by members of the CR community and you may just find yourself listening to the background music on its own throughout the day.

The perfect game for those on a smaller budget, or anyone who likes RPGs, Crypto Raiders continues to grow in popularity, and for a good reason.

Launched: 2021

Blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polygon

Website: Crypto Raiders


Decentraland screenshot

Decentraland is a massive virtual world where players can create, explore, trade, and virtually anything else one can imagine - It’s arguably the OG game in the Metaverse category (at least when it comes to blockchain games).

Best of all, everything is owned by its users. Whether you’re looking to travel space or roam the planes as a cowboy, you can literally do it all. Powered by MANA, the currency can be used to purchase various in-game items and NFTs helping you customize your experience however you see fit.

You could spend days roaming around and never get bored, including visiting real-life virtual museums, or gather with your friends to explore together. You can even rent out spaces to throw Metaverse parties for hundreds of people!

In addition, players can participate in the Decentraland DAO, which allows players to directly shape the game's future. With many developers and creators joining the open platform, the creativity within Decentraland continues to explode with no signs of slowing down.

Launched: Feb 20, 2020

Blockchain networks: Ethereum

Website: Decentraland

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms screenshot

One of the most popular NFT games to date, DeFi Kingdoms continues to attract crypto gamers worldwide. A DeFi game that uses NFTs to power gameplay, it offers players multiple ways to play to earn.

A “massively multiplayer online game”, or MMORPG, DeFi Kingdoms carries global appeal and is an excellent game for those who like old-school graphics and pixel art. The storylines and lore are constantly evolving, and there’s always something new to learn or explore within the game itself.

Despite requiring players to purchase Harmony’s ONE token to play, DeFi Kingdoms has excellent in game-tutorials to help you get started. By levelling up your characters through quests, you can earn valuable in-game items, which you can then sell for a profit. Cool, right?

Despite being less than a year old, there are currently 11 thousand active players every day, and that number only continues to grow.

If you enjoy RPG games with a strong community, it’s a great game to consider adding to your roster. Because it uses the Harmony blockchain, the in-game transactions cost virtually nothing, making it accessible to players of all budgets.

Launched: August 22, 2021

Blockchains used: Harmony One, Avalanche

Website: DeFi Kingdoms

Zed Run

Zed Run homepage screenshot

One of the more exciting blockchain games today, Zed Run lets you build and grow your own stable of digital racehorses to compete with the thousands of players online to see which horse has what it takes to be the fastest.

Not only can you compete and race against other players, but Zed Run also allows players to breed their horses in hopes of creating the next champion.

While still technically in beta, Zed Run is perfect for those looking for some fast-paced gameplay. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to just a few milliseconds — talk about excitement.

With incredible art for the horses and racetracks, the game offers a little bit of everything for those looking to immerse themselves in a true digital racing experience. Whether you want to race or breed the rarest horses around, Zed Run delivers a fun and engaging blockchain game.

Launched: 2019

Blockchain networks: Ethereum

Website: Zed Run


The most pressing questions about blockchain games.

Q: What’s the most popular NFT game?

By virtually any metric used, Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game today. With over 3,600,000 daily active users, Axie even rivals some large “traditional games" in numbers.

Q: Which NFT game has the highest earning potential?

While earning potential changes frequently, Axie Infinity is known as having the highest volume marketplace, giving players many opportunities to earn.

Q: How can I get started with blockchain games?

Don’t overthink it! Choose one or two from the list above, deposit a small amount of the required cryptocurrency and get to playing!

Ready to start?

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