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Welcome Celo! New assets in Ramp SDK

Ramp team
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This year will be all about making crypto easier to use than trad-fi. We see many exciting ecosystems blooming and we hope to be part of their success by delivering a fast, reliable, easy to use and integrate way to purchase their native assets.

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January 8, 2021

All that available in the SDK that developers can use to build this functionality into their crypto-enabled products with no hassle. Today we announce our partnership with Celo to deliver just that and more for the growing Celo community gathered around the shared mission of democratizing finance around the world.

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Why Celo is so exciting?

Celo is an open, decentralized platform that enables a monetary system that creates conditions of prosperity for all. It’s an ambitious project aiming to make it straightforward for anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world to maintain a current account, send money to friends, and pay merchants.

Celo focuses on usability and inclusiveness - it's a light, mobile first blockchain that is already gaining significant traction in regions where financial institutions are widely inaccessible. It presents a fresh approach to wallet addresses - instead of long complicated cryptographic addresses, they go for mobile numbers. A simple solution that addresses one of the biggest pain points in crypto.

At Ramp, we believe financial inclusion needs solid infrastructure to deliver on its promise. We have long desired to be a part of this movement and help out in any wany we can. This is why starting January, our users all across the glob will be able to access CELO via Ramp's SDK.

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Global coverage for global initiatives

cUSD & CELO will be available in 150+ countries and territories! Our users in Mexico, Belize, India and Hungary will be able to use their preferred payment method to get cUSD and CELO in minutes.

Purchase is available through Debit and Credit cards, Apple Pay, SEPA, Faster Payments and Open Banking - and all with blazing speed, great UX and at the best rates all across the world offered by Ramp. We're making sure you're not overpaying and getting the best exchange rate out there.

Last, this is a nod to our developers and potential partners looking to build on Celo.

Celo builders - you can now integrate Ramp into your dapp or wallet and add the best purchase flow with just a few lines of code. Stay tuned to see the step by step breakdown of a sample integration coming soon!

Onwards & upwards!

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