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Ramp unleashes simplified Web3 onboarding with Telos

Munya Mudarikiri
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We’re adding unprecedented accessibility to the Telos ecosystem, users are now able to on-ramp from across 150+ countries directly with 40+ local fiat currencies.

Last edited on
March 6, 2024

We are excited to announce that Telos ecosystem users are now officially able to buy TLOS tokens directly with Ramp. Our partnership with Telos makes it significantly easier for users to onboard onto the Telos ecosystem, giving them direct access to the wide range of dApps and web3 games being built on the Telos blockchain.

This move simplifies the process for both crypto natives and newcomers.

“Through Ramp, we are opening the doors to global access, ensuring everyone can benefit from our future-ready blockchain’s low fees and lightning-fast capabilities, all within a simplified user-experience process. This integration is a significant step towards a future where the transition between crypto and fiat is not just achievable but a streamlined, everyday reality." ~Lee Erswell, CEO of the Telos Foundation

About Telos

Telos is a growing network of networks (Layer 0) enabling Zero Knowledge technology for ultimate scalability and privacy to support all industries and applications. Launched in 2018 Telos is known for its impeccable five-year record of zero downtime and is home to one of the worlds fastest Ethereum Virtual Machines, the Telos EVM. 

With its high-speed, low-cost transactions, Telos is an attractive platform for dApps and gaming. Our user-friendly widget at Ramp further enhances this by offering an easy-to-use entry point into Telos, adding a layer of simplicity and convenience to accessing the world of web3 gaming and DeFi on Telos.

Our on-ramp is designed with simplicity in mind. Users can look forward to a seamless experience, enabling them to buy $TLOS tokens easily with various payment methods familiar to them. This user-centric approach is a cornerstone of our product as Ramp continues to chip away at the core mission: making crypto accessible for everyone.

“We are thrilled to integrate $TLOS into our global on-ramp offering, making it easier for users across 150+ countries to engage with the Telos blockchain. This step reinforces our dedication to bridging the crypto and traditional financial systems and significantly boosts the accessibility of Web3 gaming through Ramp,” said Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO of Ramp.

How to buy TLOS using Ramp

  1. Open the Ramp widget and select buy.
  2. Select TLOS as the token you want to buy. 
  3. Select the fiat currency you want to use to buy TLOS.
  4. Enter the amount of crypto you want to buy.
  5. Verify email and input code. 
  6. Enter your TelosEVM address.
  7. Double-check all the details and click buy.
  8. You should receive your TLOS tokens in your wallet within minutes.

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Munya Mudarikiri

Marketing Lead at Ramp.


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