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Ramp opens a direct path from fiat into the Base network

Thiago Earp
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We now offer support for the highly anticipated Coinbase-backed L2 blockchain, starting with ETH and USDC.

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August 9, 2023

Hello, Web3 enthusiasts and pioneers! We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our community. Today, we're proud to announce our latest integration with one of the most anticipated networks in the crypto space: Base.

A Quick Dive into Base

Developed by Coinbase, Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that leverages Optimism’s rollup technology. Designed for rapid and cost-effective transactions, Base has been making waves since its mainnet launched to developers in July.

The Base network has already seen a surge in users eager to tap into the new tokens and DeFi primitives it offers. And this is where Ramp steps in.

Ramp & Base: Bridging the Gap

Our integration with Base is more than just a technical update. It's a testament to our commitment to ensuring that the crypto community has unbridled access to the most innovative platforms.

By supporting Base, we're creating a seamless pipeline for users to participate in the Base ecosystem. If you're looking to convert fiat into Base-native ETH and USDC to crypto, Ramp has got you covered.

In alignment with our steadfast commitment to giving our users choice and greater access to the ecosystem’s Layer 2 solutions, Ramp will  support Base right from its inception, enabling transactions with ETH and USDC from day one. Exciting times ahead!
Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO at Ramp

Empowering the Web3 community

For emerging crypto networks, having reliable on- and off-ramps is crucial. Our integration with Base couldn't have come at a better time.

For those looking to dive into the Base ecosystem, Ramp offers a swift way to deposit funds - giving users the assurance they need to explore the L2 with confidence.

A Boon for Developers

Beyond the direct benefits to Base users, our integration is a game-changer for third-party developers.

By integrating Ramp’s fiat-crypto service into their applications, developers can harness the power of Base, paving the way for innovative apps that tap into the network effects of this new layer2.

Looking ahead

At Ramp, we're always looking ahead, seeking opportunities to enhance the crypto experience for our users.

With Base, we believe we're taking a significant step forward in our mission. We invite all web3 businesses to explore this integration and see firsthand the opportunities it presents.

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Thiago Earp

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