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Ramp partners with Cable for financial crime compliance

Thiago Earp
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The integration with Cable’s financial crime compliance effectiveness testing platform will bolster our automated assurance and oversight capabilities.

Last edited on
February 21, 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Cable to integrate its financial crime compliance effectiveness testing platform to enhance our market-leading compliance program.

The integration will strengthen Ramp’s focus on ensuring regulatory compliance, building consumer trust, and reducing further on-ramping and off-ramping friction.

We are excited to help Ramp continue to strengthen their compliance program. Regulatory scrutiny of the crypto sector is intense after last year’s scandals and volatility. Ramp shows that the top companies leading the way in this space take their regulatory obligations very seriously and invest in the best tools available to ensure their compliance. It’s an honor to partner with a pioneering company like Ramp prioritizing both compliance and innovation so strongly.
Natasha Vernier, CEO at Cable

Cable’s all-in-one platform offers banks, fintechs, and crypto firms a purpose-built suite of tools to ensure compliance with financial crime requirements, including tech-enabled risk assessments, automated assurance, quality assurance, management information, reporting, and more.

We are thrilled to partner with Cable to expand our compliance assurance and testing capabilities. Our decision to integrate with Cable reflects our strong belief in the importance of regulatory compliance and technical innovation at the core of our industry-leading Web3 payments infrastructure. By leveraging the best-in-class, automated tools available in Cable’s platform, we can grow and serve our Web3 partners and customers more efficiently and with greater confidence in our regulatory compliance.
Steven Eisenhauer, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Ramp

Originally posted on the Cable blog.

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