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Ramp integrates with the Polkadot Asset Hub

Nick Marchenko
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We're excited to announce that Ramp now supports USDC, USDT, and DOT purchases on the Polkadot Asset Hub. This development enhances our on-ramp services, providing direct access to the broad Polkadot ecosystem.

Last edited on
April 11, 2024

About Polkadot Asset Hub

The Polkadot Asset Hub is a specialized parachain within the Polkadot network, it serves as a central point for creating, managing, and using both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This parachain is designed to act as the primary home for assets within the Polkadot ecosystem, simplifying on/off-ramp transactions for all connected parachains. 

By using DOT as its native token, the Asset Hub maintains a trusted relationship with the Polkadot Relay Chain, ensuring seamless asset transfers and governance alignment. The Hub also facilitates the creation of assets by users, provided they meet the required deposit criteria, and allows for detailed asset management including roles such as asset creator, owner, issuer, admin, and freezer​.

The Asset Hub is designed to ensure smooth asset transfers across the Polkadot network, improving efficiency for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Impact of USDC & USDT integration on Polkadot

By integrating USDC and USDT, two of the leading stablecoins, along with DOT, the native Polkadot token, we're enabling:

  • Efficient transactions: utilizing Polkadot's architecture for faster, more cost-effective transfers.
  • Wider accessibility: making it easier for users worldwide to engage with the Polkadot ecosystem using stablecoins.
  • Diverse use cases: facilitating a range of financial activities, from trading to leveraging DeFi platforms, without traditional banking limitations.

Ramp's role and innovations

This integration underscores Ramp's commitment to broadening access to cryptocurrencies and DeFi. Users from over 150+ countries and 37 US states, can now purchase USDC, USDT, and DOT through Ramp using various payment methods like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile payments including Apple Pay and Pix. We are also planning to expand to new geographies and introduce additional payment methods soon.

The Polkadot Asset Hub's integration also offers us a direct line to an entire network of existing and forthcoming parachains. This not only simplifies the process of embracing new partnerships but also significantly expands our potential for collaboration, making it easier to support the dynamic projects building on Polkadot.

Looking ahead

With the addition of USDC, USDT, and DOT on the Polkadot Asset Hub, Ramp continues to break down barriers between traditional finance and the digital economy. We're keen to see how these integrations encourage further adoption of cryptocurrencies and DeFi, supporting our mission to democratize access to the digital economy.

Stay updated with our latest advancements as we strive to enhance the crypto experience for users worldwide.

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