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Product updates | September 2023

Nick Marchenko
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As September comes to an end, we’re closing this Summer in style with some huge milestones - and a few important changes still to come. 

Last edited on
September 29, 2023

For the past 30 days, we worked around the clock to expand and improve our services across the board, with a particular focus on new partnerships, expanding payment options in LATAM, new tokens, and strengthening our regulatory compliance.

Here are the highlights of what we achieved in September:

  • Pix launch in Brazil
  • MetaMask partnership
  • Seamless on-ramp for Casper (CSPR)
  • Preparing for regulatory changes in the UK

Pix now available: a leap for web3 in Brazil

We’ve taken another huge step in our mission to make crypto accessible to everyone by adding support to the most popular payment method in Latin America’s most populous country. Pix, the favorite payment method of over 153 million Brazilians, offers real-time settlement, low costs, and an impressive 90%+ acceptance rate. 

Animation showing Pix flow inside Ramp's widget

This move streamlines the onboarding process for users in Brazil and enhances conversion rates for web3 businesses operating in the country. Brazil's prominent role in global crypto adoption highlights the importance of this strategic expansion, creating opportunities for both local innovators and international partners. 

But that’s just the beginning. When it comes to giving users more choices and easing the path into web3, there’s plenty more to come. 

We’re now partners with MetaMask

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with MetaMask, the world’s most popular Ethereum-based wallet, to provide effortless crypto purchases to their 100 million users.

This integration will enable MetaMask users to seamlessly convert their fiat into cryptocurrency within the MetaMask mobile & web wallet, as well as the MetaMask Portfolio.

Ramp and MetaMask logos

Following the integration with our on-ramp, we’re also planning on expanding our collaboration to incorporate the addition of our global off-ramp into MetaMask’s product line.

This next step will enable a smooth two-way pathway between crypto and fiat, and will close the loop between conventional finance and decentralized platforms for millions of users. 

Ramp + Casper: seamless on-ramp for CSPR

We have added support to the Casper Network, an enterprise-grade decentralized network renowned for its scalability and security. 

With the partnership, users can now purchase CSPR via Ramp widget on our website and through our extensive network of integration partners.

With this integration up and running, the door is open for more tokens running on the Casper blockchain to be supported.

Animation showing how to select Casper within Ramp widget

Compliance: new upcoming crypto rules in the UK 

Starting 8 October, the UK will introduce new rules regarding financial promotions involving certain cryptoassets. These changes not only affect businesses based in the UK, but also those who service UK customers from abroad. 

The new regulations define what constitutes a "qualifying cryptoasset" and provide guidance on what is considered an "invitation" or an "inducement" to engage in investment activity.

That means many companies won’t be able to serve UK-based customers unless they comply with the new regulations or are registered with the FCA.

As a UK FCA-registered cryptoasset business, we remain unwavering in our commitment to both our UK users and the industry as a whole. We are ready for the regulatory changes and pledge to remain compliant, ensuring uninterrupted services for our UK audience post 8 October.

What’s next 

We remain committed to simplifying web3 onboarding for users worldwide by establishing new partnerships, adding support for new payment methods, and improving user experience. 

In the upcoming months, we'll remain focused on growing our partner base and improving user experience by adding support for new payment methods, diversifying our cryptoassets offering, and making tweaks to our widget. 

And that’s a wrap for September. Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

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Nick Marchenko

Product Marketing Manager


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