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Product updates | May 2022

Maria Yatsenko
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Ramp is constantly updating the product to make crypto more accessible.

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June 2, 2022

This month we are proud to announce a batch of improvements that, among other things, will allow our regular users to purchase crypto faster and benefit from different promotions that we are doing with our partner network.

We also are happy to announce key integrations with Brave, GameStop, Morpher,, Afronifty, Coingrig. As well as, enabling support of BAT on Ethereum, BAT on Solana, ENS, ADA, and LINK on Ethereum. Many more are coming soon!

1. We’ve eliminated 60% of the steps for returning users

Returning customers tend to use the same wallet and payment method to perform regular transactions. Now they can make transactions in seconds, in just two easy steps:

(1) choose the asset to buy;
(2) confirm wallet address and payment method.

Ramp now prefills all the necessary fields based on the previous transaction, reducing interactive friction by 60%.

2. Fee promotions are now more visible

Fee promotions are an effective way to drive new users. Now you can create a promotion that is even more visible and attractive. Several partners have already run zero-fee campaigns with Ramp, leading to significantly higher levels of engagement and new users onboarded.

Want to boost your project by erasing on-ramping fees or doing a special promo for your users? Let's talk! Contact us via

3. ENS domain support

Let’s face it, remembering a crypto wallet address would require some time and dedication. And who wants to have to copy and paste every time we want to make a transaction?

Thankfully, we’ve integrated ENS domains. These are equivalent to internet domains and offer a decentralized and secure way to translate memorable text into Ethereum addresses. This is a human-readable approach to using crypto wallet addresses - now supported by Ramp.

4. Transaction receipts are now working as a dashboard

Once a user initiates a payment, a receipt serves as a dynamic dashboard to show the current status of the transaction. This update increases transparency and empowers users to track useful information easily.

That’s all folks. We’ll be in touch next month. If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your partnership with Ramp, don’t hesitate to reach us at

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Maria Yatsenko

Senior Product Marketing Manager


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