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Product Updates | June 2022

Maria Yatsenko
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Summer’s here and we’re doubling down on our commitment to the BUIDL market. Check out what’s been going on within Ramp in June 2022.

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June 30, 2022

June has been a month of major beginnings, and our team has been laser-focused both on delivering a smoother user experience and on covering new customer needs.

Here’s a quick summary of where we stand:

  • It’s official: we’ve released our OFF-RAMP in Alpha!;
  • We’ve introduced new payment methods;
  • We kept on reducing friction on the customer path;
  • Some of the key integrations this month include EQ Exchange, Trustody, RealToApps, Marketpeak, and Paraswap;
  • Finally, we have also enabled support for Flow, BAT on Solana, and ETH on Optimism - with many more coming soon!

Off-ramp enters the Alpha stage

Let’s start with a huge one: our off-ramp functionality has entered the internal testing phase and will soon be released to the beta.

alpha off-ramp widget preview

The traditional path to selling crypto to fiat has always been rife with friction. Users are usually required to leave the app they’re using and to go through literally dozens of steps and checks across exchanges.

Our off-ramp eliminates most of these steps and lets users of an app move to fiat with just a few clicks, without leaving the app.

If you’re interested in learning more about the off-ramp integration and participating in the testing stage, please, contact the account team at

Apple Pay is now available for US users

Apple Pay is the most widely used mobile wallet in North America - and it’s now available to US users on Ramp.

This mobile payment option, which enables transactions with minimal effort, was already available to UK and EU users, offering coverage to partners in the geographies where Apple Pay is most popular.

Apple Pay available in US banner

Default transaction amount is now 300 EUR

We’ve increased the default value presented to users when they reach the widget from 100 EUR to 300 EUR (or equivalent in other currencies).

This change has been driven by extensive data analysis and is aimed at reducing both friction and the time to initiate a transaction.


What’s next

We’ve doubled down on making the most of this BUIDL market, and we got some big news cooking for July.
That’s it for June! Stay tuned and see you in July.

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