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Product updates | August 2022

Maria Yatsenko
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Summer’s almost gone and we keep on BUIDLing. Here’s what we’ve been cooking during this sunny August 2022.

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September 2, 2022

Despite August being a full-on holiday season, we kept on working full-speed ahead. We crossed a HUGE milestone with our off-ramp, and also kicked off a few awesome partnerships. Finally, our amazing product team has tweaked and optimised your user experience to ensure transactions are ever smoother and more efficient.

Here is a summary of news, hot out of the oven:

  • Knock-knock: who’s there? Off-ramp! And we want YOU to implement the smoothest crypto-to-fiat experience in your business.
  • We’re launching off-ramp with a whopping 30 crypto assets available for off-ramping.
  • The user path becomes smoother and ever more Web3-ish with support for Unstoppable domains.
  • We’re adding yet more transparency and providing specific feedback on card payments.
  • Key integrations this month include Giddy, IXFI, Bridges Exchange, OneKey.
  • Finally, we have also enabled support for DAI on Optimism in on-ramp (with many more tokens coming soon!)

Off-ramp integrations begin

This month we took the veil off our game-changing off-ramp and opened up off-ramp doors to the world!

Several of our integration partners have already started adding Ramp’s smooth cash-out to their applications, and we’ve received a massive amount of enquiries.

We’re humbled by the sheer amount of interest so far - thank you so much!

Here is a short recap of off-ramp benefits:

  1. It works from inside your own app. Your users can sell crypto without interrupting their experience of your platform.
  2. Extensive token offering. We help you off-ramp from 31 tokens right from the start, which is the biggest selection on the market - and we’ll keep adding more.
  3. Fast payouts. We’re the only solution that offers instant payouts: users may receive their funds in as little as 20 seconds after Ramp receives crypto from them (RTP payout method).
  4. Fully compliant solution. We’re approved for users in the US and are about to enable global coverage very soon.
  5. Lowest fees on the market: starting at 0.99% per transaction (with a minimum of $3.99) for bank transfers.

Watch the Off-ramp reveal here ->

Read about off-ramp ->

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Off-ramp launches with 28 cryptoassets available

While we were doing the finishing touches before the launch, we thought to ourselves that we could do better.

So while we had previously announced that off-ramp would support 15 tokens, we decided that better than that == DOUBLE that, and then some.

And that’s what we did. Instead of 15, we’re launching with 28 cryptoassets. Here they are:

ADA on Cardano CELO on Celo LINK on Ethereum USDC on Ethereum
ATOM on Cosmos CUSD on Celo LTC on Litecoin USDC on Avalanche
AVAX on Avalanche DAI on Ethereum MANA on Ethereum USDT on Ethereum
BAT on Ethereum ETH on Arbitrum MATIC on Polygon XTZ on Tezos
BCH on Bitcoin Cash ETH on Ethereum NEAR on Near
BNB on Binance Smart Chain ETH on Optimism RON on Ronin
BTC on Bitcoin ETH on Polygon SLP on Ronin
BUSD on Binance Smart Chain KSM on Kusama SOL on Solana

ADA on CardanoCELO on CeloLINK on EthereumUSDC on EthereumATOM on CosmosCUSD on CeloLTC on LitecoinUSDC on AvalancheAVAX on AvalancheDAI on EthereumMANA on EthereumUSDT on EthereumBAT on EthereumETH on ArbitrumMATIC on PolygonXTZ on TezosBCH on Bitcoin CashETH on EthereumNEAR on Near BNB on Binance Smart ChainETH on OptimismRON on Ronin BTC on BitcoinETH on PolygonSLP on Ronin BUSD on Binance Smart ChainKSM on KusamaSOL on Solana

And we’ll continue to add more and more, boosting the Web3 economy and making sure crypto is accessible to as many people as possible.

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Ramp and Unstoppable Domains uncomplicate crypto together

Let’s be honest: only the most dedicated degens, if anyone, ever know their wallet addresses by heart. Heck, sometimes people don’t recognize their own wallet addresses even seconds after pasting them.

To reduce this friction, Ramp and Unstoppable Domains have teamed up to give users control over their data, simplify crypto transactions, and replace unreadable wallet addresses with human-readable ones.

Copy of Copy of ANN | Product updates | August 2022

The integration will enable each user to receive 40 coins and tokens from 27 different blockchain networks simply by entering their Unstoppable Domain’s unique NFT-based address. Cool, right?

Card transactions: more feedback, more transparency

Did you go above your card limit? Used the wrong card? Or perhaps your bank is crypto-unfriendly? Don't worry, we'll now tell you what went wrong.

With cards being one of the most popular payment methods among Ramp users, we wanted to make sure users are getting as much feedback as possible - even if a card payment runs into issues.

That’s why we’re adding specific feedback to card payments, including sharing actions that users can take to complete a payment if they encounter problems.

This improvement should help avoid human error, increase transparency, and boost trust, as well as ensuring ever smoother transactions and reducing the need for customer support. Win-win!

Copy of Copy of ANN | Product updates | August 2022-Sep-02-2022-09-26-40-87-AM

This month we’ve added 3 types of rejection causes: exceeded limits, insufficient funds, or bank rejection (some banks just don’t like crypto) - and we’ll continue to add as much transparency as possible in the months to come!

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Maria Yatsenko

Senior Product Marketing Manager


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