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Opera and Ramp working on Crypto’s Mosaic moment

Szymon Sypniewicz
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Crypto in 2020 resembles the Internet of the early 1990s. Promising but very hard to navigate.

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July 24, 2020

Although there’s a lot of progress in terms of UX with mobile wallets, social recovery and nicer UIs, we haven’t yet had the Mosaic moment of crypto. Mosaic was the Internet browser that led to the 1990s Internet boom.

Their work transformed the appeal of the Web from niche uses in the technical area to mass-market appeal.

Robert H. Reid (1997), Architects of the Web: 1000 Days That Built the Future of Business

Two changes to the Web browser that Mosaic introduced have proven transformational and hyper-boosted Web’s appeal: graphics to what was otherwise boring text-based software, and importantly, porting the browser software from Unix, popular in technical and academic circles, to the Windows operating system, that already had gone mainstream.

The lesson from the early Internet era is simple. Make it easy, make it available on familiar platforms and mainstream tools. Now, Ramp and Opera Browser are working together to replicate the Web’s Mosaic moment for Web3 and crypto broadly speaking.

Ramp x Opera Browser

UK users of Opera will now get access to Ramp’s crypto on-ramping. And we are working on rolling it out all across Europe soon! We’re extremely happy to work with them on simplifying the onboarding process for non-coiners.

Opera is a leading web browser, with a user base of 200m+ users worldwide. The Norwegian browser is also one of the first blockchain-enabled browsers with a built-in crypto wallet and DApp explorer.

Having a built-in wallet means that hundreds of millions of Opera users are less than a click away from Web3 and we want to make the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 as smooth as possible for them.

Ramp is a leading crypto on-ramp, offering access to crypto that feels as easy as shopping online, without the need to register with a crypto exchange. Ramp will allow for crypto purchases without leaving Opera’s interface, directly to Opera’s built-in wallet.

Huge leap for the crypto space

Ramp+Opera partnership is to hyper-boost crypto’s appeal. We believe this is great news for the entire industry, as millions of non-coiners just got easy access to dApps, DeFi, Web3 and crypto via Opera+Ramp integration.

If you are a dApp developer, check if your dApp is compatible with Opera and enjoy the blue ocean of millions of users already using a crypto-ready software with crypto just few taps away!

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