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Making crypto human friendly

Szymon Sypniewicz
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At Ramp we believe better user experience is the key to enable breakthrough use cases in crypto, as well as to let existing crypto products grow.

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May 27, 2020

We want the space to explode, but before that we need to nail the usability without scarifying core value propositions of blockchain.

Two main areas of improvements have outsized influence on user experience:
on-ramping (or how you moving money between fiat and crypto) and wallets (or how do you store crypto and what interface do you use to interact with the blockchain).

Wallet UX is key📱

Improving Web 3.0 is a team effort. No single team would be able to solve all the issues for all the users. This is why Ramp partnered with top wallets in the space to make their on-ramping flow radically better.

Teams building wallets are the forefront of the crypto adoption struggle. The first experience for anyone engaging with crypto for the first time is setting up a wallet and buying your first coins. There is a dozen of steps on the way that can make this experience unbearable — downloads, mnemonic phases, back-ups… Today, we wanted to feature some of the boldest products in the space that work hard on removing those barriers and go that extra mile when it comes to usability.

Here they come! 🔥

Torus Labs ⚡️

Torus is a desktop wallet that leverages the Web 2.0 authentication systems and lets you use your Google, Facebook or other social media accounts’ OAuth functionality to access the decentralised web. It’s embedded in numerous web3 apps, offers NFT purchases, on-ramps and loads more.

UniLogin 🔑

Unilogin handles the key management, identity and onboarding so that dapp developers don’t have to. It provides users with easy email recovery, ethereless transactions, delightful UI/UX and, of course, built-in option to buy crypto with Ramp. UniLogin team keeps delivering excellent service and you can now use their wallet built into Jarvis Network, Trust Token, Kickback and more!

Enjin 🎮

Enjin is making huge advances when it comes to security and usability of mobile wallets designed for gamers. Along with multiple currency support and a built-in exchange, the wallet works seamlessly with the Enjin marketplace for trading your collectibles. And now you can top up your Enjin wallet — just find us in the Featured DApps section.

Multis 🌀

If you’re a company handling crypto, you know it’s hard. But with Multis security goes hand in hand with exceptional UX. You can easily manage permissions and invite team members, earn on the idle crypto and streamline regular payments. Who said you can’t run your business on crypto?

Are you building a dApp or wallet? Integrate Ramp!

We at Ramp take utmost care to ensure top quality experience of our services. This includes not only painless onboarding and smooth interaction for our beloved users, but also effortless implementation process for the integrators👏

Just get in touch to add an on-ramp to your dApp or wallet.

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Szymon Sypniewicz

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