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Introducing the Partner Portal

Maria Yatsenko
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We’re excited to announce the launch of the Ramp Partner Portal, our new integration analytics platform.

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March 30, 2023

Partner Portal is designed to provide our partners with in-depth insights to drive the growth of their products, manage their integrations, and more. Here’s a sneak peek of what the Partner Portal will include at launch.

In-depth insights

The Partner Portal will help partners track and optimize the commercial performance of their integration.

By spotting trends in volume growth, understanding how much revenue the integration is bringing, and monitoring transactions as they happen, partners can have a much clearer picture of the integration work.

Partner Portal will also help integrators better understand their users, and to spot growth opportunities. This includes identifying paying customers’ geo-location, crypto, and fiat usage, and average transaction values in an aggregated manner.

Armed with this information, partners will be able to validate hypotheses on feature needs, schedule relevant marketing campaigns, and target them precisely to get the best result.


Primary touchpoint with Ramp

The Partner Portal plays a significant role in enabling Ramp's Partners to have better control over the integration itself.

The ultimate goal for the portal is to become a self-service tool and the best place to leverage the benefits of the integration.

From launch, partners will get basic integration management tools to optimize their communications with Ramp and to make better use of data within their teams.

Coming next: increased control and more insights

The Partner Portal launch marks only the beginning of the path toward advanced integration management and analysis for our partners.

We’ll continue to work to include even more data in the platform to offer comprehensive analytics and more insight into the user journey.

In the future, partners can expect more tools to manage the integration and drive user acquisition.

Start now

Our integration package already includes free access and unlimited seats to the Partner Portal. Current partners have already been invited by email and can start using the Partner Portal right away.

Sign in to Partner Portal

If you did not receive the invitation, you can request access via this form →

You can also apply for the Ramp integration here->

Data protection

We handle and process data responsibly and ethically.

Our Ramp Partner Portal is fully compliant with global data protection regulations, and we have implemented strong data protection processes around it - including pseudonymization and anonymization of personal information.

Further details on how we process personal data can be found in our privacy notice.

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