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Integrating with Ramp: how much does it cost?

Thiago Earp
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Integrating and running Ramp is completely free of charge for partners, but there are some costs for users. In this article, we go through all of them.

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October 13, 2022

The first thing that probably comes to mind when considering integrating a crypto ramp with your app is, how much does it cost?

Well, the good news is that [spoiler alert!] both integrating and running Ramp in your app is completely free of charge!

But that’s not to say that there aren’t any associated costs or pricing considerations that may impact your product and your users. As with most things in life, there’s more to it than meets the eye - and we’re pretty serious about the things that affect your bottom line.

After integrating with hundreds of partners, we’ve learned that there are often not-so-obvious price-related matters that may affect your customers, their user experience, and ultimately your revenue.

We believe it’s our responsibility to be as transparent and detailed as possible to help your business grow. Cost is arguably the first thing on anyone’s list, and the first thing that you want to get right.

In this article, you'll learn what costs your users might face when using Ramp, how they're calculated, and circumstances when a partner may face costs themselves.

How much does it cost to integrate with Ramp?

We’re repeating ourselves here because we really want to drive this home: partners can integrate and use Ramp completely free of charge.

Just to reassure you and remove any ambiguity, this means that:

  • Downloading and implementing the Ramp SDK is completely free.
  • There’s no upfront charge for implementing our on-ramp and off-ramp products.
  • You don’t pay anything to operate/run our on-ramp and off-ramp in your app.
  • You don’t pay anything to become or maintain your status as a partner.
  • Customer support to assist your users with their Ramp transactions is 100% free.

When do we charge a fee from partners?

The only case in which we may charge a fee is if the integration requires adding a blockchain and/or token which we don’t yet support.

Please note that we may waive this fee if the required blockchain/token addition is already part of our product roadmap - so we treat this on a case-by-case basis.

Each project’s situation is unique, so it’s impossible to put a price tag in advance, but we’re happy to give you an estimate based on your needs. If this is part of your requirements, please get in touch with our team - let’s talk.

How does Ramp make money?

If we don’t charge partners for using our services, then how do we make money?

It’s simple. We charge a small processing fee for every transaction we facilitate, either on-ramp or off-ramp.

This fee is paid by the end-user purchasing/selling crypto and bears no cost to you as a partner.

We have a vested interest in your growth. We succeed when you succeed. It’s not just our words, it’s our business model.

So rest assured we’ll do everything in our power to help take your business to the next million users.

What fees do we charge, and from whom?

All fees and costs associated with using our services are paid by the end user and collected by Ramp.

Our processing fee includes our margin as well as costs associated with each payment or payout method, so it varies accordingly.

In addition to our processing fee, we also collect third-party fees incurred with each transaction (such as partner fee-on-top or validator fees), which we later relay to their rightful owner.

We offer a detailed breakdown of the fees we collect before each transaction. Be aware that this breakdown doesn’t include any banking costs on the customer side, such as foreign exchange or banking service fees.

Other third-party fees potentially incurred by the user

In addition to the fees during the transaction and explicit in our fee breakdown, there are other potential costs to end users - the most obvious of which are foreign exchange fees.

Foreign exchange fees are charged by a user’s bank/card provider when the user’s original currency is not natively supported by our payment providers.

When this is the case, the bank/card provider has to first convert the unsupported currency to US dollars, typically adding a 2-3% markup to the currency price (but this can vary substantially depending on the bank/card provider).

Partner fee on top: unlock new revenue streams (optional)

Many innovative Web3 projects are built around ideas that offer amazing value for users, but that are hard to monetize. For a company, that’s not sustainable.

But we’re here to help. As part of our product, as an integration partner, you may be entitled to add your own small fee on top of all transactions initiated in your application.

You can set your fee to any value, and you can change it later if you decide to. We recommend against setting high fees by staying below 1%, as that might discourage users from transacting.

The fee appears at the moment of the quote, and is deducted from the net amount together with the Ramp processing fee. The accumulated fees you earn are then paid to your bank account once a month.

Bear in mind that higher fees usually discourage user conversion, so this option might not be suited for everyone. Fee-on-top is only available for partners whose monthly volume is above a certain threshold - talk to our team to learn more if you’re considering adding your fee on top.

Other costs you should consider

Even if we don’t charge you for integrating or running our services, there are a few general costs you should consider when approaching an integration - like the implementation and maintenance cost.

Implementation and maintenance costs

Implementing and maintaining an integration have an intrinsic cost (in development time, account management, co-marketing, etc). These costs may be one-off or recurring.

In the case of Ramp, integrating is very easy and straightforward, and seasoned developers can do it in a matter of minutes (or at most a couple of hours). However, you should keep in mind that it also requires attention.

If you qualify for - and would like to - run co-marketing campaigns with us, this will also require effort and management on your team’s side. This is a very good way of increasing your reach and profile, but it’s an extra effort you might want to consider as a cost.

It’s usually more productive to integrate with a single global partner who focuses on a stellar service like Ramp, than to integrate with several partners without enough resources to manage and maintain them all.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to assess the costs of implementing an on-ramp solution. Reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help you figure out which associated costs might apply to you.

Next steps: ready to integrate?

Now you know all the costs involved in implementing and operating our crypto on-ramp/off-ramp in your product, both for yourself (zero!) and for your users.

By now you should have enough information to apply for a partnership and to start onboarding your next million users.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Ramp family along with hundreds of thriving Web3 projects and helping your business grow.

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