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How to get into web3

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Growing excitement about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and web3 is driving people to join an upcoming technological revolution.

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May 20, 2022

If you want to learn about web3, first think about ways of doing so without parting with your hard-earned income. Learning blockchain, joining web3 projects, and finding a crypto job – are all methods which will help you truly understand the potential of blockchain and identify new opportunities.

Why get into web3?

A new iteration of the internet is coming. Centralized and unsecured web2 annoys more and more users, encouraging them to look for alternatives to traditional social media. For developers and creators, web 2.0 can be a source of frustration, too. Instead of rewarding their work around development and content providing, the big tech players, who have come to monopolize their segments, appropriate the value they create.

Why web3 is the future?

That is why web3 – decentralized, permissionless, and trustless – serves as a perfect response to the aforementioned problems. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to share the value among participants of the ecosystems fairly.

Creators are rewarded for the content they provide. Web3 developers earn real value (in the form of tokens) for their tech work. Finally, users can freely choose the project they want to support and be compensated for their engagement and trust.

How to access web3?

The appealing and exciting vision of web3 has driven considerable interest in it. That's why we often see so many ill-conceived projects in web3. But accessing web3 can - and should be - easier and more secure.

Getting into web3 – learning blockchain

The first stage of the web3 learning is about understanding the technology that underpins it. As the industry is still in its early phase and the tempo of changes is overwhelming, it is essential to catch up with trends and understand emerging concepts.

Therefore, if you wonder how to get into web3, learning blockchain principles may serve as a perfect starting point. Here are some good resources to start with:

S. Ammous (2018). “The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking”
N. Mehta, A. Agashe, P. Detroja (2019). “Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Present and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”
A. M. Antonopoulos (2016). “The Internet of Money”

Then, you can take a look at valuable blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 courses. You can find them not only on Udemy or Skillshare. Even such institutions as Princeton, University at Buffalo, or Duke University provided their online courses – mainly on the Coursera platform.

And lastly, you can check out blockchain-related certificates. Earning them will bring you closer to finding a crypto job (based on your own skills and know-how) in the web3 environment.

Working in web3 – finding a crypto job

Getting into web3 is dependent on your competencies and time, not finances. By joining the space as a developer, marketeer, account, or copywriter, you’ll be able not only to combine skills with your passion but also to influence the value of the project directly.

The early phase of web3 growth makes it easier to make an impact. While working on the promising solution, you can create or co-create something that will make a difference for the whole industry. You can ask Cosmos, Polkadot, or Luna developers – they will probably all confirm it without thinking.

And it’s not only developers who can bring value to the web3 space. As a marketeer or copywriter, you can still significantly affect the perceived attractiveness of the project, hence encouraging others to learn about it. These kinds of “indirect” investments in web3 – based on skills, competencies, and commitment – are priceless for the industry’s growth. After all, even though web3 is going to be fully decentralized at some point, ultimately it's the companies behind projects that will make a real difference.

Getting into web3 – developing web projects

However, there is no better way to get into web3 than to create a project of your own. By putting individual ideas into practice, you get the chance to contribute to the whole space actively and accelerate its growth. Decentralized applications, blockchain applications, and protocols – the web3 ecosystem is still full of voids and opportunities that you can leverage as an investor, developer, or just a crypto enthusiast.

Moreover, web3 is very “rewarding” for creative and hardworking people. By developing or co-developing web3 projects, you get a chance to not only create but also receive the value related to the initiative. It’s not web2 where the owner of the platform/network doesn’t share the value with users and developers. In this new internet iteration, you – as the user, investor, or developer – hold a part of the project, e.g., in the form of tokens.

Where to learn more about digital assets?

No matter what kind of web3 development path you choose, you’ll need a way to buy tokens and cryptocurrencies. That’s where on-ramping software comes into play.

On-ramp for web3

On-ramping makes buying cryptocurrencies from fiat currencies easy and accessible. By implementing and using such tools as Ramp, you can get directly into the space without the need for centralized exchanges or other more complicated financial solutions.

On-ramp for web3 makes it possible to access web3 using traditional fiat currencies. On Ramp, you can exchange EUR, GBP, USD, and other currencies directly for your chosen cryptocurrencies. The process is quick, secure, and carried out using the most popular payment methods – debit cards, Apple Pay, or bank transfers.

What's more, you can think about onramping software not only from your own financial perspective. You can help other users get into the space as well. By implementing on-ramping software into your dApp or another blockchain-related project, you will provide your users with a convenient and secure tool to make their own investments.

Check out Ramp SDK and learn more about deploying onramping for web3. It’s easier than you may think!

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