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Ramp x Axie Infinity: Powering a rise to a million users

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Axie Infinity co-founder Jiho knew finding an easy way to onboard users would be crucial.

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October 4, 2021

“One of our early pain points was finding a way to onboard everyday users," Said Jiho, talking about their main priority at the time. "For gamers who aren’t experienced with crypto, finding an exchange, buying crypto, adding it to their wallets, and bridging it to Ronin could be difficult and confusing. We wanted to make sure that the initial setup was as easy as possible, so more gamers could participate.”

The existing onboarding prevented some users from doing what they intended to when they landed the Axie Infinity site - to purchase Axies and play. We knew then we had a mandate - to doing everything we can to shorten the time from landing to play.

Crafting the perfect on-Ramp.

We started by taking an analytic approach towards their onboarding problem -  we noted each step of the process and counted nearly 60 steps (!), an average onboarding time of 2 hours, three different points at which a user would need to conduct high-cost mainnet transactions, and three different times a user would need to switch between webpages.

After our initial analysis, we determined that we could cut the number of steps down to just 19 and reduce the onboarding time to just 12 mins. This 90% reduction in onboarding time and 30% fewer steps meant a better user experience and less churn. All while removing the need for expensive mainnet transactions and keeping users on the Axie Infinity platform the whole time.

“We reached out to Ramp for a solution, and they delivered. They’ve made it much easier to onboard players that have never used crypto before.”            
-Jeffrey Zirlin, Co-Founder & Growth Lead at Sky Mavis

Working with the Sky Mavis team, we built out an infrastructure that connected directly from the traditional banking world to the Ronin network, allowing users to exchange fiat for WETH on Ronin quickly and cheaply.

We identified that the best way forward was to integrate the Ramp widget directly into the Axie Infinity browser wallet, allowing users to remain on the platform during the entire onboarding journey. This reduced the chance of user error and enabled the user to access crypto where they need it, when they need it.

Getting users to where they want to be.


The current flow is as simple as can be - Users now simply click on the “Purchase Ronin assets” option in the Ronin wallet and complete the process in an Axie Infinity branded Ramp widget.

Ramp enabled players to do what they came to do - play - instead of bouncing around exchanges and bridging assets.

Had Axie Infinity implemented their own solution, it would have taken months of valuable development time, time that was better spent making Axie Infinity the best game possible. Integrating Ramp helped Axie Infinity bridge the gap between the world of traditional finance and the decentralized future that they are building.

Ramp was the right decision for Sky Mavis, and I would recommend Ramp for any project that wants a seamless onboarding experience for users.
Jeffrey Zirlin - Co-Founder & Growth Lead at Sky Mavis

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Ramp is one of the very first registered crypto-asset businesses in the UK as well as the first crypto firm to receive an Open Banking registration in the European Union. Ramp builds the legally compliant infrastructure that connects traditional banking infrastructure to the decentralized blockchain future.

“We reached out to Ramp for a solution, and they delivered. They’ve made it much easier to onboard players that have never used crypto before.”
Jeffrey Zirlin
Co-Founder & Growth Lead at Sky Mavis
“We reached out to Ramp for a solution, and they delivered. They’ve made it much easier to onboard players that have never used crypto before.”
Co-Founder & Growth Lead at Sky Mavis

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